Molly-Mae And Tommy Fury Share Opposing Idea’s About Bambi’s Education

The pair have different ideas about schooling!

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Ever since Tommy Fury’s brother Tyson released his Netflix show At Home With The Furys, we’ve been getting little glimpses into not just Tyson’s family, but brother Tommy and fiancé Molly-Mae’s too.

We’re used to keeping up with Molly-Mae and Tommy on social media, but the show offers a rare insight into their family dynamic that fans haven’t seen before.

In the second episode of the show, the topic of education comes up; and it turns out that Tommy and Molly-Mae may have some conflicting ideas about daughter Bambi’s schooling.


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This mainly stems from the difference’s in their backgrounds and upbringing. Tommy and his family are all part of the Traveller community, who would traditionally take their children out of education after primary school.

Tyson Fury’s wife Paris, who is also a Traveller, explained their decision to take their eldest daughter out of school.

“Venezuela came out of school when she turned 11 because in Traveller tradition, that is what they do.

“They come out of school and they learn their parents’ skills.”

The conversation then turned to Molly-Mae and Tommy. The show was filmed before Bambi was born, though they knew they were expecting a little girl.


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Leaning toward agreeing with sister in law Paris’ decision, Tommy says that he “lives his life a certain way”.

“Growing up the way I’ve grown up, I’ve got my morals…I feel like when our little girl comes along, she’ll most definitely be brought up the way I’ve been brought up; the old fashioned way, the right way.”

Molly-Mae, however, feels that their daughter not going to school is out of the question. She discussed their opposing views on the show, saying, “With Tommy obviously being a Traveller, he has had conversations with me about our child not going to school which is absolutely non-optional.

“I’ve been raised completely differently to that, it would never be a question that our children or child would not go to school – but hopefully it won’t cause too many rifts.”

We’re sure the pair will come to an agreement!