Molly-Mae Credits Her “Drive And Ambition” For Her Success After Love Island

She has recently been appointed creative director of Pretty Little Thing.

The influencer is not about to discredit her hard work just because she was on a TV show.

Molly-Mae has recently been named creative director of clothing brand Pretty Little Thing and has been on cloud nine ever since revealing the big news.

Speaking to the Mail Online, she insisted it is not the show that got her to where she is today, “The things that I’ve achieved since coming out of that show aren’t really down to the show they’re more down to my drive and ambition to do big things…

“I always say don’t bite the hand that feeds you but also respect that I’ve obviously worked so hard to get where I am now… I always had big goals and I set myself huge dreams.

“Everybody when they come out of that show is given the same opportunities – we all have the same 24 hours in the day – and where you take your life when you come out of a show like that is totally dependent on who you are as a person.”

Molly-Mae also talked about how the show wasn’t intended to boost her following, “It was more a fun opportunity where I thought let’s just see where this goes and I might actually find a guy… I think, it pushed me in the right direction but I would have still done good things.”

“I had my first job when I was thirteen in a hairdressers sweeping the floor. I’ve always had that hunger to earn my own money and be a bit of a business woman. There’s always the desire to want more from life. I just think you’re only given one life so you might as well pull as much from it as you can,” she continued.

The influencer has really come a long way since the villa, with multiple endorsement deals, a creative director role, a happy relationship with her boyfriend she met in the villa and lots more exciting projects happening.

She is making mad moves in the business world and we cannot wait to see what’s next for her.


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