Molly Mae Hague Reveals Wedding Plans

It’ll be the wedding of the year, no doubt!


Molly Mae Hague has opened up about the wedding plans she’s made so far, and well for someone who’s literally JUST gotten engaged she’s managed to get a lot done!

Molly Mae and Tommy got engaged on the 23rd July after four years together. The couple first got together on the fifth series of Love Island back in 2019. They have since welcomed a beautiful baby girl called Bambi back in January of this year. Tommy popped the question while the three of them were on a family holiday in Ibiza – we swooned so hard!

Now that Molly Mae can officially start planning her wedding, she divulged a few details including possible locations and a timeline for the big day they have planned.


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The 24-year-old took to her Youtube channel to answer some burning questions from fans in a Q&A. The Manchester native revealed they are planning to get married in a church in the UK.

She said: “One thing I can say is that the wedding will definitely be in the UK. We have had some conversations about the wedding and what we have in mind.”

She continued on saying: “My sister is actually getting married next year and Zoe literally said to me, ‘By the way, just so you know, you could literally get married the day before or the day after my wedding, we just wouldn’t care’.”

She then added: “I knew that Zoe is not that type of person – neither am I. We wouldn’t be bothered having our weddings super close together but I definitely want to let her have her moment.”

“Potentially it might be the year after Zoe’s or I love the idea of doing a winter wedding. All I know is that it will be in the UK.”

The YouTuber revealed that they are choosing to have a church wedding as Tommy is religious and it was the one thing he really wanted for the wedding: “The one thing he would love would be it to be in a Catholic Church and it’s absolutely fine with me.”

Adding: “It’s kind of what I always envisioned, like I always wanted a church wedding anyway. It’s what my parents had.”