‘Moon Or Ham Slice’: People Really Couldn’t Figure Out This Latest Internet Conundrum

It's the dress all over again.

Moon or ham slice

Just when we’d finally decided that the dress (yeah, you know the white and gold/blue and black one) was most definitely blue and black (we think), here comes another internet phenomenon to get our heads around.

On June 20th, a strawberry moon lit up our skies, an event that prompted one Twitter user to present us with a tricky question.

Noticing an uncanny resemblance between the red moon and a slice of ham, @Terubou_Cos asked his followers to figure out which was which.

Screenshot 2016-06-24 12.47.04

And it seems like nobody could agree on the correct answer.

Thankfully, @Terubou_Cos, settled the debate a few hours later and revealed that the pic on the top right was in fact the real moon.

Screenshot 2016-06-24 12.47.17

Sure we know that all along…

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