MTV Is Bringing Back The Original Geordie Shore Cast For A New Series

Gary Beadle says he's gone from 'Jack the lad to Gaz the dad'

Top L-R Jay, Vicki, James. Bottom L-R Sophie, Greg, Charlotte, Gaz, Holly

Ah Geordie Shore, what was once just spin-off of the American Jersey Shore quickly became everyone’s favourite trashy reality show.

However, as will many shows and series we get pretty attached to the cast and character we meet on day one, and so when everyone gets replaced, and a whole new generation of partyers step it, it’s just not the same.

This is clearly something that MTV has caught on to because they’ve answered our prayers.

This year the original cast members will take part in a series which follows them in their new day-to-day.

They’ve all grown up a bit, with weddings and babies and all sorts of other big steps since they left the show, so it’ll be quite a change from watching them neck-on in a nightclub.

So far, Gaz, Marnie Holly and Aaron have been confirmed for Geordie OGs.

The original cast consisted of Charlotte Crosby, Gaz Beadle, Greg Lake, Holly Hagan, James Tindale, Jay Gardner, Sophie Kasaei and Vicky Pattison. So we’re hoping a few more of them make an appearance too!

Like, we’d love to know what quiet Greg is up to now after bailing on the show quite early on.

Gaz is currently expecting his second child with girlfriend Emma McVey.

In a clip shared by MTV Gaz reveals he’s gone from “Jack the lad to Gaz the dad”.

Marnie is expecting her first child with partner Casey Johnson, while Holly is set to prepare for her wedding day to Jacob Blyth, so it’s safe to say they’ve all grown up a bit.

The six-part series is set to kick off later this year!


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