My 30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 13 & I’m Doing Some Serious Grovelling

It's day 13 of Laura Somers' yoga challenge and she's got a lot of making up to do.

yoga day 13

I think that I might have been a bit irrational yesterday when I totally frosted out one of my oldest friends, Sarah. Yes, she totally humiliated the hell out of me when she aced all the advanced yoga moves, and made me look like a complete beginner in our first class together, but I felt so lonely today when I couldn’t WhatsApp her that I decided I had some pretty serious grovelling to do.

Besides, falling out with a friend isn’t very ‘yogi’ of me, is it?

So I did the decent thing and messaged her as normal, hoping that she wouldn’t realise I (temporarily) ended our friendship yesterday out of yoga envy, and guess what? She didn’t even reply. I was prepared to overlook how smug she’d been at yesterday’s class, but not replying to my message? Ugh.

I texted again, this time stepping my grovelling up a notion. “Hey Sarah,” I wrote. “I’m really really sorry about yesterday and I don’t know what came over me I had a really bad day and I shouldn’t have stormed off without you but I was just dying to get out of there. Please meet me later for a yoga class, I’ll pay? xxx.” That ought to do it, I thought.

Wrong. I waited a full hour and there was no response. Nothing. Not even a “no thanks”. I knew she was bad news. I should have stuck with my gut yesterday and kept her out of my life, I thought. Clearly she’s out to get me, one yoga pose at a time.

I was just starting to get worked up at the thought of her smugly completing all her yoga moves at last night’s class when a message came through. “Hey Laura, no worries at all,” the message read. “I just presumed you had a bus to catch! Sorry I’ve been so busy today. Yoga tonight sounds great! See you at 7 xx.”

At the end Sarah informed me that she was going to join the more advanced class (of course she was!) and said I should join her too.

Ugh. Yoga again. She really wanted to hit me where it hurt. I couldn’t back out now or it would add to her superiority complex.

So, we went to the class and she showed off as per usual. I did my best to keep up with her but I still managed to lose my balance four times… I may have ‘accidentally’ brought her down with me.

At the end Sarah informed me that she was going to join the more advanced class (of course she was!) and said I should join her too.

Er, no bloody way. I’ll stay here in my beginner class, where I can fall over and mess up all the poses, sans judgement, thank you very much.

Having a yoga buddy sucks.

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