My 30-Day Yoga Challenge Diary: Day 2

It's the second day of Laura Somers' 30 day yoga challenge, and she's making big improvements.

yoga class

Day two:

I always knew a 7am start would be challenging, but I really did think I was able for it. Apparently not. I somehow managed to snooze my alarm right through until 7am. I ran out of my flat, essentially still in my pyjamas, and started the 20-minute walk to the Yoga Hub. I eased my guilty conscious for knowingly snoozing my alarm for an hour with the fact that I’m sure other yogis had done the same. Wrong again.

I arrived at the yoga class 25 minutes late, and peered in the window only to see that there was a full class present and I could see no free space for my mat. So, like any mature 23-year-old, I dawdled outside not knowing what to do, only to be spotted by the yoga instructor. She brought me into the class and showed me where I could put my mat and, although I felt like a schoolchild, I was very grateful to the instructor for not allowing my early morning rise to be wasted.

My yoga repertoire is growing so fast – before I know it, I’ll be teaching the classes!

As a result of my tardiness, I missed the lovely relaxing exercises that I loved so much during my first class and went straight into the downward dogs, warrior poses and planks. (Note to self: Never ever miss the morning relaxing exercises again – they’re not just meant for relaxation, but to prevent injury.)

I powered through the class and learned a whole new range of poses such as the cobra, bridge, and hare pose. My yoga repertoire is growing so fast that, before I know it, I’ll be teaching the classes!

Now, if I could only manage to complete a whole class without losing my balance and grabbing the person next to me for support. Apparently, people don’t like to be grabbed mid pose – who’da thunk it?