My 30 Day Yoga Challenge Diary: Day 3

Laura Somers is three days in on her 30 day yoga challenge and she's in a world of pain...


Day Three:

I’m in so much pain! Apparently my non-existent exercise regime has finally caught up with me. I am aching all over. If I were to guess the last time I exercised for two days in a row, it was probably six years ago, thus explaining my many aches and pains.

But, not to be deterred I hobbled my way to my third yoga class (in a row – just in case you forgot). I ensured I was on time for this one to avoid further child-like behaviour.

I was pleasantly surprised to find I could now touch the top of my ankles.

We began, as always, with the usual stretches and I was pleasantly surprised to find I could now touch the top of my ankles – this may not seem like a big achievement to some of you but if you saw my pathetic attempt on day one you would appreciate what a hugely massive big deal this is.

So, chuffed with my huge improvement in such a short time I decided to give this class my full commitment. I planked my heart out and even attempted a hand stand (the expression don’t run before walk applies here).

I really enjoyed the end of the class today as I felt I had truly earned my wind down exercises. However, I need to start training myself not to actually fall asleep when they tell you to lie down and close your eyes…