#MyBlogLife: Joana Leite Of Style Traces On How She Creates Her Stunning Outfit Photos

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Name: Joana Leite

Age: 33

Blog: Style Traces

Instagram: @styletraces

Twitter: @styletraces

Portugal-born Joana Leite first started blogging six years ago, but it was only after moving to Ireland last year that she decided to pursue her fashion blogging dream full-time.

Now based in Dublin, Joana uses her passion for photography and style to create some seriously stunning outfit posts for her blog, Style Traces, choosing everywhere from Howth Harbour to Trinity College as her backdrops.

We hit up Joana to find out her styling and snapping secrets – and to get her tips for summer festival dressing.

You recently moved to Dublin. Where were you before and what inspired you to come here?

I’m originally from Porto, a city in the north of Portugal, and this is my first time living abroad. When people ask why I chose to come here, I tell them, “I didn’t chose Dublin, Dublin chose me!” So far I’m absolutely loving this magical city and its people.

What do you think of street style in Dublin versus back home?

Well, Porto is known for being full of very well-dressed people. I’m not trying to brag, honestly! That’s what people really do say about my home city. I think the style game overall is stronger back home, but that said, you do come across lots of very stylish people here in Dublin too.

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When did you get started with blogging?

I started way back in 2010, as a hobby. After a while I started to blog about my daily looks too. But it’s only since September 2015 that I’ve been blogging at Style Traces.

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What makes a great outfit picture for you?

I’m very passionate about photography and I firmly believe that the setting and background of an outfit photo are as important as the clothes themselves. It takes time to plan each photo, because I always try to have a link between the clothes, the colours, the theme and the background. Location-wise, I love shooting against doors and grey buildings as they are a good blank canvas. The most important thing though, is just to be natural.  When I feel happy in a certain outfit I know the photos will come out much better.

Who takes your photos?

I work with a mix of people, but the majority of pictures are taken by my photographer Justyna. We’ve been working together since last October.

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How would you describe your personal style?

That’s a difficult one! I think my look is quite “easy chic.” I aim for comfort, but I never leave behind the glamour.

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What are some of your favourite labels/stores?

For clothing I’m really enjoying River Island and Topshop right now. For accessories, as a mini bag lover, Furla is one of my go-tos. For beauty, make-up and skincare I love all things Sisley.

What’s one item of clothing we should buy for festival season?

An off-the-shoulder top or dress, for sure! It’s so easy to style up or down.

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Orange Lace Detail Festival Dress, €60, River Island

Who’s your main style inspiration?

It might be strange, but I actually don’t have one person or celebrity as style inspiration. I prefer to get inspired by what I see around me.

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