#MyBlogLife: Louise O’Reilly Shares Her Tips For Dressing Different Body Types

Many women struggle with the party season and finding things that suit them. International model and blogger Louise O’Reilly shares some expert tips on finding the things that suit you.

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Name: Louise O’Reilly

Age: 26

Website: stylemecurvy.net

Instagram: @stylemecurvy

Tell us a bit about your blogging and modelling background?

I started modeling six years ago, just after a year I signed with my first international agency and my career grew from there. At the time I was studying International Relations in DCU so it was certainly a balancing act! When I finished, I set up Style Me Curvy as I really felt like there was an avenue that wasn’t being represented properly. I wanted to create a platform which spoke about fashion for everyone, regardless of size. A blog where women from 18 to even 65 could look to for style inspiration and learn to feel confident in their own skin.

Have you always had body confidence yourself?

Not always, as a teenager I definitely struggled with body acceptance and a very big part of that was never really knowing what to wear, and wanting to dress like my friends. The fashion options back then weren’t as accessible or diverse as they are now. That being said there’s probably more pressure now on teenagers to look a certain way than ever before.

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How did you figure out what suited you?

It was definitely trial and error. I began to realise that I much prefer dresses and skirts. It’s amazing the impact comfortable clothing has on your overall wellbeing.

What party clothes should we be looking at if we have fuller figures?

I’ve done a Style Me Curvy Christmas special again the year which covers tonnes of party looks for everyone. I always find A line cut dresses are ideal for anyone with tummy issues as it’s instantly flattering. It’s the same  with fit and flare style dresses. This style is wonderful if you have a fuller bust as it highlights your waistline to give you hourglass curves.

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How about if we have very little definition?

To create a fuller bust, look to tops or dresses with extra detail in that area, be it sequins, ruffled material or a print. It breaks up the body and creates more of an illusion. To get more of an hourglass effect try something like a fitted pencil skirt teamed with a peplum top.

What should we be looking at if we are very big chested?

A subtle V cut neckline is ideal for bigger chests as it helps to break up your frame. Definition is extremely important so avoid baggy tops and material that will make you look bigger than you are.

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What if we are flat chested?

Again, you can opt for more illusion styles. For something quite different have a think about a strapless jumpsuit. It can look extremely effective. The likes of Coast and River Island do lovely jumpsuits which are great for this kind of body type.

Any tips if we want to draw attention away from bigger legs?

This is something I speak about loosely as a lot of people convince themselves they have bigger legs when they don’t at all! However, you can look towards skirts or dresses that sit just above the knee. Don’t underestimate how flattering a good pair of opaque black tights can look either. They instantly give a slimming effect.

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Is it the same for bigger hips?

Well if you’re asking me, bigger hips should be completely embraced! Don’t shy away from fitted numbers you want to show off your curves where possible!

Can you give some advice for people who might be feeling under confident in their appearance?

A lot of people’s confidence can be quite fragile around this time of year. People overthink things and often times talk themselves out of going out at all. You need to be more mindful of the fact that people are self-involved. They’re more focused on what they’re wearing than what you are.

If you have an event coming up, plan two outfits with one you can turn to if you’re feeling a bit bloated and not your usual self. It means all your avenues are covered and you have no excuse not to go out! Embracing confidence is about changing the way you see yourself. Learning to love and accept your body is definitely one of the greatest things you will ever do in life.
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