#MyBlogLife: STELLAR Catches Up With Blogging Sensation Tara Marzuki

Super Chic Tara chats to us about blogging full-time, her fashion rules and the very different career path she could have chosen.


Name: Tara Marzuki

Age: 23

Website: tarmarz.com

Instagram: @tarmarz

Twitter: @tarmarz

What does a day in your life look like, Tara?

I’ve really been enjoying the freelance life recently! When I’m not editing and doing admin at home in my PJs, I’m making new videos and taking outfit pictures for my blog. I love spending any time off with my favourite three Fs. That’s friends, family and food!

You started off in construction studies, tell us a bit about that?

I studied construction in school and it was my best subject – who doesn’t love beating the boys!? If I hadn’t been so set on fashion design when I was younger, I definitely would have been a carpenter.


When and why did you start blogging?

I started making videos and messing around with blogs almost six years ago. I feel so old just thinking about it! My family were going through some tough times and I was studying for my leaving cert so every spare minute I had, I used to make a video on my webcam and upload it to YouTube. It was such great escapism.

Has your construction experience had an impact on your styling and design ideas?

I’m a bit of a tomboy at heart, and I think that has really come out in my style, especially this year. I loved going to a mixed school that allowed me to challenge gender expectations in regards to school subjects. Construction really shaped a lot of the girls that also did it. It enabled us to disregard male-dominant environments or professions and see ourselves as complete equals physically, capable of anything we wanted to do! Looking back, that whole idea of gender equality has been a huge part of my design process.


What do you do now asides from blogging?

I mostly spend any spare time I have with friends and my boyfriend. I love getting outside and going for hill walks. Northern Ireland is great for it, and you literally can’t get me out of the cinema. I grew up with friends that are really passionate about film, acting and writing, and that’s really rubbed off on me.

What does a typical blogging week look like for you?

As awesome as it is being your own boss, its a bit of a 24/7 gig. Uploading on social media looks so fluffy from the outside but managing up to five different social media accounts is tough and you have about five different people’s jobs rolled into one. I usually spend two full days filming, and a few hours each week taking outfit pictures and other photos for the blog. The rest of the week is spent editing, uploading and taking care of my social media channels, as well as emailing back and forth with management about the brand campaigns I’m working on.


What’s been the best opportunity since you started?

Travel is probably the coolest thing. Working with brands is also great but I think seeing myself in publications is probably my favourite! Asos did a piece on me, and I’ve been featured in Cosmopolitan four times. Ive also done Nylon Japan!

How would you describe your personal style?

I love the tomboy/androgynous look but worn femininely.


Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together?

No more that three colours in any look!

What do you think is worth splurging on?

I’m not much of a splurger, but I always think coats and well cut pieces are worth spending money on.

What’s your own next big buy?

I would love to get a new classic designer bag, but I can’t justify it most of the time! I just spent a small fortune on a new camera so there goes the handbag fund!


Favourite items that you own?

My Chanel wallet on chain.

Where are your go-to stores and online shops?

I love anything minimal & chic so my favourite stores are all all nordic. Weekday are my favourite for affordable cool clothes!

Where would you like to see your blog in the next two years?

I’d love the blog to grow to a big international scale and hopefully it will help me in my design career. As much as I’d love to continue blogging and YouTubing, I know it isnt my job for life. I’m going to start working full-time again when I move to New York City in the new year. I’ll be gone for a year and I think it’ll be a great opportunity for my design ambitions and also great for my blog. I’ve already started documenting the whole process of moving!

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