#MyBlogLife: STELLAR Meets AJ Fitzsimons Of AJ Makeup

MUA AJ Fitzsimons tells us what she'll be wearing this season and gives us the lowdown on her lip-filling injections.

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Name: AJ Fitzsimons
Age: 29
Website: www.AJmakeup.com
Snapchat: AJFitzsimons
Instagram: AJmakeup
Following: circa 22.5k

Why blogging?

When I qualified to be a make-up artist, loads of people started asking questions asking about the products I used. I decided to create a website in 2012 to showcase my work. I then launched a magazine-style blog in 2015 to include all the things I was passionate about; fashion, beauty and health. I love creating content and giving helpful and insightful advice where I can.

What’s your favourite thing to blog about?

Beauty and health for sure – they come hand in hand really! No amount of make-up can cover up an unhealthy diet and routine so I’m passionate about both.

What’s the best part of your job?

The people. You get the opportunity to meet so many passionate and inspiring ladies (and gents) in the industry, it’s a great community!

What’s the most difficult?

Work/life balance. Since the introduction of Snapchat you’re now more exposed and connected to your audience on a more fulltime basis. So when you’re just wanting alone time with your family or friends, it can be difficult. You have to try and live up to your followers’ expectations of consistent content. I work, study, blog, update social media and keep in touch with followers continuously. It can sometimes take its toll.

You were very open about your lip filler injections, can you tell us a bit about the procedure?

I’m so delighted with the results, not just physically but also with the confidence it gave me. It can be daunting getting photos snapped at events which are then published. It’s also hard taking the ‘perfect’ Instagram selfie knowing it will be exposed to thousands of people.

There hasn’t been a hugely dramatic change to my face, no one really notices until I show before and after pics. It’s a subtle but impactful difference. I received one ml between both my lips. It was so quick and easy – a couple of injections to numbed lips and you’re pretty much done. I even went back to work straight after!

It’s important to look after them following the procedure and follow the aftercare advice given. The clinic I went to was great and I felt really looked after. At the time, I brought my Snapchat followers along with me to get a little insight, and they were with me through the aftercare and healing process too. I like to be upfront and honest with my followers, it’s important.


Will you always want to get them after having them once?

Definitely, the lip fillers I got will only last about six months so I’ll definitely be returning in December to get them done again!

Would you say they’re addictive?

I’d say so, yes. If you’re happy with the way you look and feel after getting them done, then of course! I wouldn’t be getting mine any bigger though, it’s important to ensure that you still look like you. I got great advice about what would work for me and what wouldn’t.

Do you think celebrity culture influences girls to want procedures like that?

Of course, but so do bloggers and online influencers. Because we’re your normal every day girl and if these procedures are so accessible and affordable to us, then they are for you too. We live in the world of selfies now and a world obsessed with aesthetics.

Would you recommend the procedure to your self conscious followers?

It depends on their objective and reasons for wanting it done. I was happy enough with my appearance, it was only as I was becoming more and more in the public eye that I naturally felt self-conscious.

I became aware that every photo of me was now being seen by a wider audience. I wouldn’t have been in a rush to get the procedure done otherwise, but it was always something I was thinking about. You can’t really put a price on confidence  so I say do what makes you happy!


Make-up wise, what products can you truly swear by?

Collection Concealer and Essence Lipliner in Satin Mauve.

Any insider tips on achieving flawless make-up?

It’s all about that base. I always always use a primer and ensure my skin is well looked after. Plenty of water, sleep, and a clean diet also works absolute wonders.

Let’s talk fashion, what will you be wearing this A/W?

Faux fur for sure, and boots. I’m obsessed with boots; I’ve bought so many pairs this year already, they can dress up or dress down an outfit and will sail you through A/W! I’m particularly loving tan shades too and there are so many really great affordable pairs to choose from at the moment.


Where do you like to shop yourself?

River Island, Zara, Bershka and Aldo would be my go to. And of course, Penneys.

What’s on your Christmas wish list?

A new camera! Probably an Olympus Pen but I’m going to do some research first. I love taking pretty photos for my Instagram and blog, people find it hard to believe I only take them with an iPhone 6 at the moment. So I need to take it up a notch for the new year!


You’re a big health advocate. In the run up to the festive season, do you have any tips for getting into good shape?

A clean diet is key. It can be so hard with all these festive coffees and treats, and the worst thing about it is that they start selling all this stuff in November; that’s two months of indulging!

Steer clear of the regular Egg Nog Lattes, no matter what kind of pretty Starbucks cup it comes in (unless you’re using it for an Instagram photo). And then indulge when it’s actually Christmas. Otherwise you’ll feel pretty crap starting January. And you just know everyone will be on a fitness buzz once that month arrives!


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