#MyBlogLife: STELLAR Meets Grace Mongey From Faces By Grace

We chat to Grace Mongey about documenting her Slimming World journey and growing her 65k social media following.

Faces By Grace

Name: Grace Mongey

Age: 27

Website: facesbygrace.com

Instagram: @facesbygrace23

Twitter: @FacesByGrace

Why blogging?

I started blogging about four years ago because I felt like I could share my product knowledge and make-up skills with others. When I moved to Australia, I took a two year break and then I started back again about a year ago. Asides from running Faces By Grace I also work as a make-up artist for Bare Minerals.

How long did it take to work up your massive following?

I really noticed my following growing over the last couple of months; it started increasing out of nowhere. The first 10k was the hardest but now it’s growing by about 200 people a day. It’s absolutely mind blowing!

How many followers do you have altogether?

Across all my social media platforms I have 65k followers.

Faces By Grace 1

What’s your favourite part of running your website?

I think it has to be getting to meet new people and hearing how I have inspired and helped them. I think people are drawn to me and Faces By Grace because I’m normal. I get told a lot that I’m very relatable. People like to see bloggers as normal who aren’t always wearing make-up. They’re just getting on with life like everyone else.

Do you always get positive feedback?

Nine times out of 10 the comments you get are good. Sometimes you’ll get the odd negative comment and sometimes it’s going to hurt. The good always outweighs the bad though.

Let’s talk beauty. What are your favourite Irish brands and products?

I love Kinvara skincare. It’s absolutely amazing! I also love the brush companies Blank Canvas and Nima Brush; they’re top of the range.

Any products you can truly swear by?

Bare Minerals original foundation is honestly the best product I have tried in years! I love The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer and I can’t recommend Chanel bronzer enough.

Faces By Grace

Top places to get ourselves preened and pampered?

I love Tiger Lily in Rathcoole! It’s just the nicest salon and their facials are amazing.

How are you getting on with your Slimming World journey?

I didn’t actually want to join in the beginning. My mam suggested it to me and I was highly offended. I thought “I don’t need to go to a group like this”. How wrong was I! I eventually joined because my friend Nikki had joined and after two weeks, her losses were amazing. I couldn’t be happier now that I joined too.

The whole experience has been amazing and up until now I have found the process really easy but I’m not going to lie, recently I’m struggling to stay on track. When the summer came around I just let myself slip a bit. I always have to work hard at it. I work out at least three times a week and have to constantly watch what I eat. It can be difficult.

How much weight have you lost since the very beginning?

I lost three stone since starting Slimming World but since that loss, I’ve gained a stone again. I really hope I can lose that again soon. It just proves that I need to stick to this as a lifestyle choice and not just a temporary fad.

Faces By Grace

Would you recommend slimming world?

Yes, absolutely. What’s great about it is that it’s more about taking on a healthy lifestyle than having to take up a strict diet. You can eat so much with Slimming World. You’ll never be hungry and it’s always delicious. It’s such a welcoming and friendly environment and everyone is so positive and supportive.

Do you have a workout regime too?

Yes I work out three times a week with Method Fitness in Dundrum with my trainer Damy and also go to a place called Body Tech in Finglas where I have a trainer called Paul. I try and go running with my sister a few times a week too.

What makes it all worthwhile?

Being able to feel confident in myself and being able to wear whatever I want. I also love the impact that my weight loss has had on my readers and others trying to do the same thing. It’s like my personal journey helps to motivate others to lead a healthy life too.

How can we start our own personal health journey?

  • Start making healthy choices; choose healthy alternatives.
  • Give up sugar. It literally turns to fat!
  • Be as active as you possibly can.
  • You only get one life and one body so try to be healthy and make it count.

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