#MyBlogLife: STELLAR Meets Lisa Jordan From Just Jordan

Lisa Jordan chats to us about breaking into fashion blogging and how she grew a massive 10K Facebook following in one week.

Lisa Jordan Just Jordan

Name: Lisa Jordan

Age: 30

Website: Justjordan.ie

Twitter: Justjordan_ie

Instagram: Justjordan_ie

Facebook: Just Jordan Fashion 

When did you start fashion blogging?

I started blogging shortly after my wedding which was 16 months ago. I love fashion and make-up in general and wanted somewhere I could express my passion but also it was something to put my energy into after planning my wedding.

How long did it take to build a following?

When I started blogging my original platform was Facebook. In my first week I had over 10000 likes – since then it has grown and I’m just about to reach 26000. Now I focus a lot more on Snapchat and Instagram.

Lisa Jordan Just Jordan

Wow! How did you get 10000 Facebook likes in week one?!

I think it was because for so long people were asking me to do a page, so I started at the perfect time. It was just a couple of days after my wedding so, when I uploaded my wedding pictures and honeymoon outfits, it just spiralled up from there.

What’s your following now?

Facebook: 26000
Instagram: 20000
Snapchat: 13000
Twitter: 1400

What do you do aside from blogging?

Besides blogging 24/7 I also work as a full time make-up artist for MAC. I teach make-up classes and of course I have my very important wife duties.

What’s the best part of blogging?

My favourite part would have to be the fact I’ve been given the platform where I can support and build up others when they’re feeling down. Just knowing that you’ve helped brighten up somebody’s day when they needed help – that’s by far the most rewarding feeling.

Lisa Jordan Just Jordan

Do you get sent lovely goodies too? What’s been the best?

I’ve received so many amazing and very luxurious gifts. However, I’m a lover of personalised gifts so when I received a personalised Brown Thomas robe in my very own box with my illustration on the front from WhatSalon, I felt like they’d gone that extra mile. It was so thoughtful which means a lot.

What’s been your best opportunity so far?

One of the best opportunities would have to be my blogger piece on Xposé. Sometimes it’s hard to get your personality across in text so I really love chatting on camera. I’d love to do more pieces like that in the future.

Describe your style

I would describe my style as eclectic! I try so many different looks you couldn’t pinpoint my signature; although girly would probably be the best word to describe my most frequent look.

How do you know what will work as an outfit?

I usually just send out thousands of selfies to all my friends and I kinda gauge it by their response. I suppose overall it’s down to how I feel so if I’m not comfortable, I’ll change. Comfort is key.

Lisa Jordan Just Jordan

Do you ever leave your house and think, ahhh, I wish I was dressed differently?!

This has happened plenty of times! If I’m unsure whether it’s a dressy of casual event, I always bring a back up outfit in the car. That’s one good thing about being a non-drinker, you can load up your car like a walk-in wardrobe! You’ll never be caught in a situation where you need to go home and change.

What do you scrimp on and what do you splurge on?

I scrimp on summer clothes and then splurge in the winter season. I feel you can get cute summer bits at a good price but our weather is never guaranteed, so when it comes to autumn/winter season I like to buy key pieces that last a lifetime.

Favourite thing you’ve bought recently?

I recently bought a pair of Kurt Geiger over-the-knee boots. They are almost identical to the Stuart Weitzman pair but a fraction of the price. Boots are one of my big recommendations for an investment piece; they can be the hero of the outfit or the sidekick.

Favourite thing you’ve ever bought?

I bought a Maje sequin jacket during the summer. I have only worn it once because it’s so heavy but I absolutely adore it. This will be in my wardrobe for decades, it’s timeless.

Most expensive?

This would have to be my YSL bag that my husband got me for Christmas, it’s something I rarely use but when I do it’s a showstopper.

Where do you like to shop?

I buy a lot of my clothes in Zara, Saboskirt and Sheinside. I’m definitely one for the high-street brands, but still invest in staple pieces.

Lisa Jordan Just Jordan

Any unknown shopping places we should know about?

I love Chic Wish, it’s an American website that has stunning dresses and skirts that are perfect for special occasions. It’s high-street pricing but the quality and items are amazing.

Any tips on breaking into fashion blogging?

Have plenty of content before you start out. I was on my honeymoon for a month so I had so many different outfits and beauty products to blog about which gave me a huge platform. Consistency is key, if you’re going to blog, decide on how much and how often. I think if you build up a following, they’ll get to know when you post and will look forward to it. Another tip is timing; post at peak times on social media, this will ensure more people will see it. But most of all be yourself. Be real and come up with fresh new ideas that haven’t been done before.

What’s next?

I’d love to do more TV work, ultimately presenting. To be honest though, I’m just enjoying what I’m doing now. In terms of my personal life, I hope to see myself with a big family with lots of mini-me fashionistas.