#MyBlogLife: STELLAR Meets Shona Ellen Connolly From Ellie Jayden

We chat to Shona Ellen about alternative fashion, setting up her own online clothing shop and winning the 2015 Reader's Choice award.

Name: Shona Ellen Connolly

Age: 26

Website: elliejayden.com

Instagram: @EllieJayden

Twitter: @EllieJayden

What makes your blog stand out?

My look is quite unique and my interests are a little out there. I love comic books, cosplaying, wigs and conventions. I also love fashion and beauty, so I think it’s a nice mix of interests that might be intriguing for others. I think creating content that people can relate to is very important because isn’t that why people blog, to connect with others and start an honest conversation?

How big is your following?

32, 238 people follow my YouTube channel alone. That’s pretty amazing. If you get into blogging to get famous though, you’re in it for the wrong reasons.

Do you receive a lot of negative feedback?

I mostly get positive comments but there’s always someone who has to say something negative and that’s usually the comment that sticks in my head all day. It’s always the bad ones that can stay with you for a while.

What’s been your most difficult hurdle?

Not believing in myself which I overcame by doing certain things that I never thought would be possible. I can be very critical of myself, and my whole channel started with me trying to overcome low self-esteem.

Let’s talk bi-erasure

With all the fantastic news in regards to gay rights in Ireland and America lately, being a part of the community is something to be celebrated now more than ever. I do however think that bisexuality can sometimes get the short end of the stick. People treat bisexuals like they are mythical creatures or attention seeking and that’s just not the case.

In one of your blog posts you say “feeling like a freak is never easy.” What do you mean by that?

I said this in a blog post about being a cosplayer and convention attendee. The context of that quote is basically feeling like a weirdo for liking certain things that are not widely accepted. Outside of the cosplay community, you can sometimes feel like a freak because people don’t understand why you are passionate about it but quite honestly, who cares!?

What’s Riottt Gear?

Riottt Gear is an online clothing store that I set up. I feel like there aren’t that many alternative Irish shops around so I decided to create my own. It’s only new but I’m hoping people like it and it can continue to grow. I am going to be selling alternative clothing and accessories.

Who’s your ultimate style inspo?

My ultimate style icons are Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. I just love everything they do and have done since I was a kid. I love the ’90s era of fashion, and films like Jawbreaker and The Craft really inspire me. I also get inspiration from old Hollywood films, books, music and drag queens.

Tell us about winning the 2015 Reader’s Choice award

That was amazing! It’s definitely the highlight of my year so far. I was so shocked when my name was announced. I put so much work into my blog so it was an honour to win such a fantastic award.

What are your top tips for budding bloggers?

  1. If you’re posting video blogs, know that you will get used to speaking to a camera in time. It might feel weird at first but practice makes perfect.
  2. Post regularly and stay passionate about what you are posting about.
  3. Stay true to yourself and be aware of people looking to take advantage of you and your hard work.