Need It! This €7.50 Beauty Product Is The Only Thing Gigi Hadid Will Use On Her Brows

Gigi's super particular when it comes to what she uses on her brows. This budget buy passes the test though...

Gigi Hadid

When it comes to our eyebrows, we’ve got an extensive kit. Along with our regular threading appointment and our fortnightly tint, we’re also packing an ample artillery of pencils, powders and waxes all designed to fill, shape and define our arches.

But Gigi Hadid’s routine is a whole lot more simple. “I don’t touch them,” she tells Bydrie. “Sometimes if there are little stragglers and the make-up artists wants to clean them up I’ll let them, but it’s never enough to shape my eyebrows. I just don’t touch them because I’m scared of messing them up.”

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Aside from resisting the urge to tweeze, Gigi also keeps things simple when it comes to brow products, revealing that there’s only one thing she’ll use on her perfect arches.

“On an everyday basis, I don’t put anything on them,” she reveals. “But if I’m going out I sometimes do want to fill them in.”

The wonder product she uses to do just that? It’s Maybelline’s Master Sleek Brow Drama Mascara, €7.49.

Maybelline Brow Drama

“Usually, you need a pencil, and a brush, and something to hold them in place,” explains Gigi. “Brow Drama is all three; you can do the color, then shape them and then it dries and stays exactly like that.”

If it gives us gorgeous arches like Gigi then we might just have to stock up.


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