Netflix Is Making A Documentary About The Beauty Industry And James Charles Is FREAKED

This will be just as terrifying as The Staircase.

The YouTube beauty community have been plummeting down a dark tunnel of no return as of late, and now Netflix want to document the entire thing.

From racist tweets to fake friends, the drama going on within the community is insane. Now, some of the biggest people in the community have spoken out about the controversies in a somehow desperate attempt to take back control of what was once a place we could go to learn about makeup.

Since then, YouTuber Shane Dawson has been producing a docu series on his channel where he interviews and exposes popular influencers such as Jeffree Star, and now Netflix want in.

Popular beauty guru and founder of cosmetic company Makeup Geek Marlena Stell took to Twitter on Thursday to share the news that she was filming a documentary with Netflix on the beauty industry, however one influencer is not happy.

After the success of Shane’s docu series, influencer James Charles tweeted that he wanted to work on a documentary exposing the truth about the beauty industry.

However, in a recent video with fellow YouTuber Tati Westbook, James revealed he had been forced to put his project on hold.

Now, after hearing that Netflix are collaborating with Marlena, James is hella pissed.

In her original response, Marlena defended herself and said that Netflix approached her. Then, things got a little nasty.

Then, James got even SASSIER.

James has some hard feelings towards Marlena after she released her “my truth” video where she exposed people in the beauty community. She then tweeted this response to someone accusing James of charging 60 grand for a sponsored video.

We can see where things might have gone a bit sour.