Netflix Releases Sneak Peek of Squid Game Inspired Reality Show

We know it's not the same rules but we're still spooked...

Image via Instagram, @hoooooyeony

Netflix are giving us a sneak peek into their Squid Game inspired reality TV show, Squid Game: The Challenge, with a teaser video that has got us seriously excited.

The show has been hailed as the “biggest reality competition ever”, and will use the thrilling South Korean drama series Squid Game as inspiration for the challenges and the layout. The show will have 456 contestants (just like the original series) who will compete in different games for a significant financial reward – $4.56m, to be exact. But nobody should die in this one!

Netflix described the game as follows, “Through a series of games, each player will be pushed to their limits and forced to ask themselves just how far they’ll go to win, with opportunistic alliances, cutthroat strategies and timely betrayals to follow.” Yikes.

In the teaser video for the new show, contestants can be seen dressed just like Squid Game players in matching green numbered tracksuits, entering a set that appears to be an identical model of the one from the series. It’s…creepy, to say the least.


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We don’t know yet what kind of challenges we can expect to see, but we can imagine that they’ve drawn their ideas from the show – allegedly they will be playing the iconic Red Light, Green Light game, though thankfully the doll won’t be murdering them this time round.

As for the actual Squid Game, we know that season two is on the way, though we don’t have any finalised details yet. What we do know is that we’ll definitely be tuning in as soon as it’s here!