Netflix Wants People To Stop Asking For The Gorilla Channel And Here’s Why

It always comes back to Trump...

Many people were confused when Netflix US took to Twitter saying, “Please stop calling our customer service hotline to ask if we have The Gorilla Channel,” but allow us to explain.

It all comes back to Donald Trump. Or, at least, a book written about him by author, Michael Wolff. Fire and Fury claims to detail the President’s first year in the White House, including tales of scandal, such as what his staff really think of him.

But a Twitter user decided to write a joke version of one of the pages, in which a grumpy Trump complains about his TV being “broken” because it doesn’t have the Gorilla Channel. As the channel doesn’t actually exist, the mock story goes on to say that White House staff “compiled a number of gorilla documentaries into a makeshift gorilla channel,” which Trump watched for “17 hours straight”.

This crazy story led to people asking Netflix for such a channel, both seriously and in jest, to the point that Netflix got fed up and asked people to stop.

Would you watch the Gorilla Channel if it existed? ?

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