Niamh Cullen Chats About RTÉ’s Ultimate Hell Week And All Things Beauty On The Glow Up

A new episode has just landed.

In this week’s episode of The Glow Up, host and STELLAR’s editor in chief Vicki Notaro is joined by Niamh Cullen to discuss RTÉ’s Ultimate Hell Week which is currently captivating audiences every Wednesday night.

Speaking on the podcast, Niamh discusses what it was like to take part in the gruelling experience, that tests both your mind and body, with a failure rate upwards of 90%.

With each celebrity recruit representing a charity of their choice the stakes are high, the longer they can last in hell, the more money they will raise for their worthy cause. Niamh’s charity of choice is the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, which you can donate to here by texting Recruit11 to 50300.

Each text costs €4 with the associated charity receiving a minimum of €3.60.


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But of course, it isn’t The Glow Up if we don’t talk about all things beauty, and in this episode, Niamh chats about once being a beauty queen, life as an influencer and the beauty products that she can’t live without when she’s not competing in hell.


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From her love for Sculpted by Aimee, to her skincare must-haves, Niamh dishes the details on all that’s in her makeup bag.

This episode is certainly worth a listen and you can do so here, by clicking the link below.

You can also catch all episodes of The Glow Up now wherever you get your podcasts.


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