No Bubbly? Miranda Kerr Kickstarted Her Wedding Day In A Very Unusual Way

Not exactly what you'd expect.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr celebrated her wedding two weeks ago, but unlike most brides who kickstart their big day with a champagne breakfast alongside their bridesmaids, Miranda took a more holistic route.

The model, who married Snapchat creator Evan Spiegel in an intimate ceremony at their home, indulged in Kundalini yoga, which she says, “includes a lot of breath work and chanting and meditation.”

Speaking to Gwyneth Paltrow for In Goop Health, the 34-year-old said, “Our wedding was just so joyful. We started the day, did yoga, then our families came over and we literally had this celebration in our backyard. It was incredible. It was so magical.”

Stretch it out ?

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When asked why she loves yoga so much, she answered, “It energetically invigorates me. Without that, I don’t know that I’d be able to do everything that I do.”

Miranda has a hectic work schedule which she balances with raising her six-year-old son Flynn, of whom she shares custody with ex-husband Orlando Bloom. So it’s important to her to stay grounded and centred.

“Even simple things, taking my shoes off and putting my feet in the grass just to ground and feel the light after a long airplane ride, doing simple things like that, really being conscious of being in the moment wherever I am… Take a moment to just be,” she said.

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