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No gym membership? Too cold out? No excuses! Two of Ireland’s fittest ladies have kindly devised a routine for STELLAR readers that can be done anywhere, any time, and will have you fitter and stronger in mere weeks.

From improving mobility to building strength, Ornagh Lee and Jenni Murphy have shared the perfect workout to carry out on the go.

Upper body mobility

Do this six minute routine every day, or as much as possible.

Shoulder stretch

Place hands flat on an elevated surface and drop head in between your shoulders while keeping your spine neutral, bring knees back for a deeper stretch
30 seconds x 3 rounds

Tricep stretch

Place hands elbows on an elevated surface and drop head in between your shoulders while keeping your spine neutral, bring knees back for a deeper stretch
30 secs x 3 rounds

Scapula push-up

Start on knees with wrist, elbow and shoulder in line. Learn to press your shoulder blades apart and then let them sink and try to touch. Gradually, you begin to do these on your toes to build more strength.
3 sets of 10 reps daily

Too easy? Gradually increase to 5 sets of 10 reps

The Strength Routine

Do this routine in 15 minutes, in sequence for 5 rounds

ONE: Over head squats with a towel (10 reps)

This promotes the mobility, stability, and strength of your entire body, especially shoulders and core, and helps with inflexible knees and hips.                                                                                                                                                                        

1 Start with basic positioning, so a towel first. Stand with your back against a wall and your feet about 6 to 10 inches forward, knees bent. Put your hands over your head with your shoulders against the wall. Keep your hands over your head and your shoulders against the wall as you squat down.

2 If you can do this without your shoulders coming off the wall or your knees collapsing in, then you can try doing it without the wall for support. With only your body to rely on, you’ll have to trust your core to keep you upright. Grasp the towel over your head and squat down. Your heels should be on the ground; your bum should be back; and your shoulders and upper back should be straight up and down, not flexed forward. Your knees should be pushed out and your glutes activated.

TIP: Tempo needs to be slow and controlled. Take it down for 6 secs pause at bottom for 2 seconds, and take three seconds to come back up.

TWO: Single leg rolling deadlifts (10 each leg)

One of the best all-round exercises for developing lower-body strength, improving long-term health and improving glute aesthetics (in English, a perky bum)

1 Stand balancing on your right leg and hold both hands out in front of you. Sit your hips back as if you were being pulled backwards by a rope attached to your waist. and allow your right knee to bend slightly. Your left leg should be straight (it’s OK if there’s a slight bend in the knee) and in line with your body throughout the rep. 

2 Keeping your back flat, continue to bend at the waist until your arms are inline with your back leg. Drive through your heel and push your hips forward to stand up to the starting position.

THREE: Super man plank extensions (10 -15 reps)

This works your posterior core and lower back. 

1 Lie on you stomach, feet together and arms extended forward. Squeeze your glutes and raise your right arm and left leg at the same time, remembering to exhale as you lift up off the ground.

2 Then, after a few seconds of holding your core in, inhale, as you lower back down. It’s important to keep your head and neck neutral so there’s no strain.

FOUR: Split lunge 10-15 each leg

The safest lunge to preform for knee health especially when stating off training. Increases core strength, stability, quad and glute strength.

1 Stand with feet apart in lunge position. Imagine train tracks, not a tight rope. Ensure both feet are facing forward throughout he movement.

2 Lean backwards as you descend into the lunge to activate the glutes. Keep spine straight, and do not let your knee go over your toe – you want a 90 degree angle.

2 Gently kiss the floor with knee; keep tempo slow and tension on. 

Photos by Evan Doherty

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