No Thanks! According To Cameron Diaz This Was The Hardest Scene From The Holiday To Film

Can you believe The Holiday came out in 2006? We're still processing that.

There’s two things we do every single Christmas. Firstly, we google any kids in our favourite nineties and noughties films just to see how much they’ve changed and where they’ve gone to since their kid acting days.

Then, we obviously rewatch all our favourite festive flicks, looking out for plot twists or bloopers that we’d have missed as children ourselves and so, to hear any celeb dishing new intel on one of our fave classics is music to our ears.

Last week, Cameron Diaz reflected on The Holiday while speaking to Vulture. Reminiscing on the filming and the rather unpleasantries of filming in the fake snow, Cameron revealed the most difficult scene that still sticks out in her head.

Obviously, you can be sure it’s not kissing Jude Law or touring the world filming, it was having to run in heels.

The “running in heels” scene in particular comes at the end of the movie when Cameron realises she doesn’t want to return to LA and so, gets a change of heart in the taxi and literally SPRINTS back to the cottage.

“Oh, girl. I was running, like, seven miles a day in heels. That whole scene took a week to shoot. That wasn’t even in the script,” explains Cameron.

“She [Amanda] gets out of the car, and she runs back down the road to the cottage. But Nancy [Meyers] had her already a half a mile away. It was not like she got to the edge of the driveway and decided she needed to go back. She was halfway to the freaking airport. She’s almost to Heathrow, and she’s like, ‘Stop the car.’ And for some reason ran back. I was like, ‘Okay. Cool. Great.’ Literally no idea.”

Continuing, Cameron added that she wasn’t built for running those shooting days; wearing thick layers of warm winter clothes as well as heeled boots.

“They only used two shots, but we shot like ten shots of me running across ten different fields. And I’m wearing that Valentino cashmere, wool trench coat, a turtleneck cashmere sweater and jeans, and my high-heeled boots. And we covered all the hillside with this fake snow, which was totally biodegradable.

“Literally, I was so fit by the end of that week. I ran probably seven miles a day in those heels.”

We’d believe it. Now, to binge watch that movie again.