No, Your Eyes Do Not Deceive You, That Is Kim Kardashian Wearing A Designer Morph Suit

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Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, Kim Kardashian posts a picture of her in a full head to toe designer morph suit.

If you thought the Kar-Jenners were finished with their Halloween content and are ready to move on to deciding what to wear to their annual Christmas party, then think again. Because Kim Kardashian has just shared her third and final (we think) costume of the spooky season, and it’s a scary one indeed.

Sharing a snap of herself posing, dressed head to toe in a morph suit, complete with a strapless dress, built-in heels, and pink hair. Kim also shared a picture of her posing next to another person, we’re guessing Kanye from the stance? in a matching morph suit, only his has a biker twist to it.


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Always one to fully commit to a costume, Kim also shared her other looks over the last couple days. The first being Tiger King inspired, paying homage to the documentary that kept us all entertained earlier this year, Kim and her bestie Johnathan dressed up as Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic, while Kim’s little ones were tigers. Then, Kim shared a family snap of herself, Kanye and their four kids dressed as spiders – posing in front of a gigantic web erected in their garden (casual).


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What exactly Kim is dressed as in her recent morph look, we have no idea tbh, and it looks like neither do her fans, as the comments section of the picture is awash with people desperate to know what is actually going on.

“I don’t get it” wrote one.

“I’m sorry pls someone explain to me what this is” commented another.

However, American reality star Alexis Waters asked the question that we’re absolutely desperate to know the answer to:

“Kim, how were you able to pee all night?”

We won’t rest easy until we know.


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