North West and JoJo Siwa’s YouTube Video Is Here And It Is Wild

Do we love it or do we hate it...?

JoJo Siwa and North West’s much anticipated YouTube collaboration has finally dropped and we have so many questions.

The whole premise of the video is that North gets to meet JoJo (her idol) while she babysits her – which is already odd seeing as JoJo is only 15.

Kim Kardashian drops North off at JoJo’s house and she’s dressed exactly like her – colourful hair, big bow and all. It’s quite adorable.

Kim leaves and JoJo shows North around her house, which is probably the weirdest thing in the entire video.

JoJo’s house is a literal shrine to her, complete with posters of her face and headless merch mannequins. It’s insane, seeing as she lives there with her family. She also has gum ball machines, claw machines and nacho machines everywhere.

We can’t even begin to think of the headache you’d get living in this rainbow house.

…and she also has a slide in her bedroom.

JoJo then takes North to make slime in her kitchen and the mess they make would give any sane person nightmares. Where are the adults?!


Then we get a glimpse of the outrageous car that caused the feud between Jojo and Justin Bieber – and North SITS ON IT.

The video isn’t even seven minutes long, but they do cram an awful lot in. You can watch the entire thing below – bare in mind, JoJo seems to be shouting the whole time so turn that volume down!