Not Okay? People Are P*ssed About ASOS’s New Suggested Sizing Feature

How do you feel about it?


It’s our one stop shop for, well, pretty much everything, be it a high-fashion choker or a mermaid tail blanket, but ASOS may have lost us and a fair few other customers we should imagine with its new suggested sizing feature.

The feature was actually introduced some time ago, but as Cosmo reports, London-based blogger Hannah Gale has brought the issue to people’s attention.

Speaking to her 13K followers Hannah explained her dismay at having an automated service choose her sizing.

“I’m not keen on ASOS’s new size thing on product pages,” she wrote. “’Your recommended size large isn’t in stock’. WELL I’LL GET A MEDIUM THEN, LOSER.

“Stop trying to tell me what size I am. You don’t know me,” she added in a follow-up tweet.

Given that most gals are almost never the same size in different garments let alone different stores (amiright?) it wasn’t surprising that many of Hannah’s fans agreed with her.

Still, there are plenty of gals who reckon the feature is only deadly.

Looks like the jury’s out on this one, lads. What’s your verdict?


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