Notions? Beyoncé Is Selling €15 Christmas Wrapping Paper On Her Website Right Now

It's expensive but festive AF.


Just incase all the Christmas parties, gifts and festive cuppas weren’t enough to have you fearing for your bank balance the entire month of December, we have some news that’s guaranteed to see you maxing out your plastic.

High up on the list of things you absolutely do not need but really *really* want is Beyoncé’s latest piece of merch: Um, a roll of Bey-themed wrapping paper.


Launched on the singer’s website this week, the pricey product doesn’t come cheap. Nope, it’ll set you back roughly €15 (plus postage) for just four sheets of the stuff.

Hmm. So not exactly a bargain then.

We’ll admit the paper, which is decorated with Beyonce emojis and lemon-stuffed stockings and comes in two colours, is hella festive though, but just incase that doesn’t tickle your fancy, Bey and her team have also added a few other bits including ‘I Sleigh All Day’ hoodies.

Beyonce Sleigh All Day

Right, that’s our Christmas bonus gone before we’ve even got it then. Sigh.


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