Oh Goody! Yet Another Crappy Side Effect Of The Pill Has Been Discovered

As if weight gain wasn't enough.

contraceptive pill

First of, let us begin by saying, that the pill is great for a lot of things. Like preventing pregnancy for one, regulating our periods and combatting acne.

But like any medication it also comes with a stack load of side effects, like weight gain and mood swings.

Yet, according to new research we may have been underestimating the pill’s effect on the latter, as a new study says that the pill can have a dramatic impact on the way we process emotions.

Oh great!

According to research published in the European Neuropsychopharmacology, which compared a group of women on the pill, a group taking the pill but on their week of and a third group who didn’t take oral contraceptives at all, the pill has the ability to effect your levels of empathy as well impacting your perspective and emotional recognition.

The research suggests that the pill effectively dulls down your emotional responses and may make it harder for you to feel empathy for others.

The researchers concluded that women on the pill are less able to process emotions, and this is especially true during the one-week monthly break.

It should be noted however, that the experiment was carried out on a relatively small group of 73 women and the results were mixed.

The takeaway? Keep an eye on your emotional responses and check in with your GP if you’re concerned.

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