OH MY GOD! KUWTK Episode Guide ‘Confirms’ Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy!


It seems that Kylie Jenner will confirm her pregnancy in an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and fans are freaking out about it!

Rumours that the 20-year-old is expecting her first child have been circulating since August, and they’ve been fuelled by the fact that she hasn’t been seen out in public for months. She also hasn’t been posting photos on social media, something that is very unusual for the Instagram-obsessed star.

The Wikipedia page that outlines the KUWTK episodes was updated this week and the blurb for Season 14, Episode 19 reads, ‘Following Khloe’s pregnancy announcement, Kylie and Travis Scott have some news of their own to share with their family! Kylie is pregnant!’ WHAT!

The following episode added that Kylie and her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott, were in the process of decorating the baby’s nursery.

However, both episode blurbs have since been deleted. Now – we know anyone can log onto Wikipedia and edit whatever they want. But given how secretive Kylie has been, it’s only a matter of time before the famous family make the big reveal, right?

We’ll be glued to the rest of this season’s KUWTK and promise to keep you posted.

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