OITNB: 5 Things That Could Happen After That Epic End Of Season Cliffhanger

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't finished watching all of Orange Is The New Black season four then DON'T read on.

Orange Is The New Black

I just finished watching Orange Is The New Black season four on Friday night and I’m still reeling from that crazy finale. (If you haven’t watched all 13 episodes yet, then I suggest you stop reading now.)



After fan favourite Poussey Washington is accidentally killed by CO Baxter Bailey and Litchfield’s warden Joe Caputo says he will defend his actions, all hell breaks loose in the prison, and the inmates start a riot, which sees non-violent prisoner Dayanara Diaz holding a gun at nasty new guard CO Humphrey.


So what happens next? Will Daya pull the trigger? Will someone step in and stop her?

Here are some fan theories that are floating around the internet right now, as well as a few of our own.

The gun isn’t loaded

Humps AKA Humphrey smuggled a gun into the prison with the help of two other officers in order to protect himself against rowdy inmates, but fans reckon he may have only wanted to scare prisoners instead of actually harming them which might mean the gun wasn’t loaded. So what would happen if Daya fired and there were no bullets? Well, given that many of the inmates are armed with makeshift blades and rocks in socks, it’d still leave Humps in a pretty vulnerable position.

There’s a stand off between Daya and Linda from MCC

Something tells us that Caputo’s girlfriend and MCC employee Linda is set to be a major player in season five. During the riot, she’s shown in the loo checking her phone notifications. Could this gun-toting corporate emerge from the bathroom, pull a gun from her handbag and have a stand off with Daya? We reckon it’s feasible.


Bennett returns in the middle of the riot

We last see CO John Bennett AKA the father of Daya’s baby in season three. Could he make a return to the prison and find his former lover pointing a gun at a CO? If so we reckon the situation could go one of two ways: he either talks her out of shooting or Daya who is angry at him for leaving shoots him instead.

Judy King gets shot

Like her or loathe her, Litchfield’s most famous inmate was a big character in season four. The end scene sees her right in the middle of things, which has left many fans believing that she’ll be the one to take the bullet. If that scenario played out, it would cause a major dilemma for MCC who organised for her early release from Litchfield to prevent her talking to the press about Poussey’s death.

Judy King

Gloria talks Daya out of shooting

With Daya’s mum Aleida just released from prison, could Gloria, who is supposed to be keeping Daya on the straight and narrow in Aleida’s absence, step in to stop her from shooting? If so, there’s still the question of those angry, armed inmates. If Daya doesn’t kill him, surely some of the other inmates will?

Whatever happens, it’s sure to be a bit of a wait until we find out. There’s typically a year-long gap between seasons, so it’s likely you’ll have plenty of time to speculate how season five is going to play out.

Got any theories of your own? Let us know in the comment section below.