Olivia Culpo Just Gifted Herself The Rolex Meant For Her ‘Cheating’ Fella & We’re So Here For It

Olivia Culpo is the ultra stylish uber babe we all know from the likes of Hells Kitchen, I Feel Pretty and probably her popping Insta page.

The beauty is one of today’s biggest ‘It’ girls, and we like to virtually follow her every gorgeous move – but she’s been having some men problems just like the rest of us!

The 26-year-old was famously dating American Football player Danny Amendola, but the pair are very on and off, with Danny being spotted last week getting pretty cosy with a sports broadcaster in the US.

The annoyingly beautiful couple were thought to have been giving things another go, but it seem as if the photos were one step too far for Liv, and we don’t blame her!

Posting a snap to her Insta stories (on what was Danny’s 33rd birthday) the former Miss Universe showed off a sparkler of a Rolex – worth about $12,000 – with the caption ‘Looks like is my present now. Happy birthday to me.’….

Now, obviously we don’t know the full situation and who did what to who, but what we will say is that we are SO here for this level of pettiness.

We hope you enjoy the watch, you babe!


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