One Direction Fans Admit They’re ‘Disappointed’ By Liam Payne’s Tell-All Podcast

The former 1D member sat down with Logan Paul on Impaulsive.


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Liam Payne sat down with YouTuber turned amateur boxer Logan Paul in his latest episode of podcast Impaulsive.

A rare setting to get a tell-all interview from Liam, and the most we’ve realistically seen since that Oscar’s hot take on the Will Smith slap, Liam chatted to Logan about everything from his One Direction days to Cheryl and his thoughts on his former bandmates… which ruffled a few feathers.

Fans of the singer and 1D were not happy once the podcast aired to hear Liam talking about bandmate Zayn Malik. When discussing a Twitter spat between Logan Paul’s younger brother Jake and Gigi Hadid – the mother of Zayn’s daughter, the pair discussed how Hadid at the time called Zayn a “respectful king”, with Liam adding:

“She tweeted something about get yourself a respectful man or something. That one didn’t age very well.”

As the podcast continued, Liam noted that there are several reasons he ‘dislikes’ Zayn, eluding to the apparent fight between Gigi’s mom Yolanda and the 29-year-old, whereby he reportedly pushed Yolanda into a dresser and called her names.

Although Zayn adamantly denies striking Yolanda, he was sentenced to 90 days probation for four counts of harassment and asked to seek anger management classes. Gigi and Zayn split shortly after.

Speaking on the topic, Liam weighed in saying:

“If I had to go through what he went through – with his growth and whatever else… My parents are overly supportive to the point where it’s annoying at times. Zayn had a different upbringing in that sense. You can always look at the man for where he is and say, ‘Oh yeah, whatever, that guy’s a d*ck.’ But at the end of the day, once you’re understanding what he’s been through to get to that point – and also whether or not he wanted to be there.”

But Liam noted that the boyband came very close to serious spats themselves, with Liam admitting that “one member” once pushed him up against a wall, and he reacted by saying: “If you don’t remove those hands, there’s high likelihood you’ll never use them again.”

As for Liam’s relationship with Zayn now? Well, it looks non-existent, and similarly so with most of the band.

“Your only hope is that at some point in their life, the person at the other end of the phone wants to receive the help that you’re willing to give them,” Liam continued on the topic of Zayn.

As for Twitter, well, they weren’t happy with Liam on the podcast, feeling disappointed at how he spoke about former members, their upbringing and commenting on their relationships, with over 95,000 tweets in the hours following the podcast release. Take a look here.

While Logan Paul’s friend and also, fellow YouTuber turned amateur boxer Bryce Hall chimed in after the podcast aired, saying:

There you have it. You can listen to the full podcast here.