One Of The World’s Most Exclusive Sex Parties Is Coming To… Laois

Yes, Laois.

We’re not sure what the sexiest county in Ireland would be, but we know that we probably wouldn’t pick Laois.

Super-exclusive sex party organisers Killing Kittens obviously don’t think so, because they’ve selected Laois as the location of their next rendezvous.

According to the Leinster Express, the ‘Ireland Summer White Party’ will take place at a “beautiful country house and estate built in the 1700s” on June 9. The exact location will not be made available to attendees until 24 hours before the event, where it will be revealed on group chat available only to members.

Killing Kittens have hit the headlines quite a few times over the years – its founder, Emma Sayles, says she was a schoolfriend of none other than Kate Middleton.

Their parties are geared towards women, with ‘kittens’ in charge of who gets to do what. Their motto? “Where gentlemen are gentlemen and women can be whatever they want.”

Each member is thoroughly vetted before being allowed to join the society, and guests at the parties are required to wear masks to conceal their identities. “Our parties span the globe from New York penthouses to St Tropez super-yachts to uber-exclusive luxury locations,” the website reads. And to think this now means Laois! The glamour of it all.

This is not the first time Killing Kittens have come to Ireland – there have been several parties in Dublin over the years, and Sayles appeared on the Late Late Show to promote the Irish launch in 2014.

Tickets for the Laois party cost €40 for single gals, and €130 for couples (single men cannot attend on their own). Would you be tempted?


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