Oops! Little Mix Just Let Something A Bit Rude Slip In Their Latest Interview

Leigh-Ann may have revealed a little more than she intended to.

Little Mix Shout Out To My Ex

Little Mix have been giving a lot of interviews recently coinciding with the release of their fourth studio album, and it seems that every time they do, they end up in the headlines.

Like when Perrie jokingly ripped up an interviewer’s question for example, or when Jade seemed to be acting rather strangely during an interview in France.

Now though, it seems the girls may have revealed just a little bit more than they intended to in a video interview with Refinery29.

The girls were asked “What is something you’d never do again?” and that’s when things got awkward.

“Oh, I know exactly what I’d say but it’s definitely too explicit,” Leigh-Anne responded.

The rest of the girls then burst out laughing and Perrie replied “Wow, you know, I’ve just thought of something as well.”

However, while the rest of the girls seemed to know exactly what Leigh-Anne was referring to, it seems Jesy wasn’t in on the joke, and told Leigh-Anne to whisper it to her.

Not realising there was a microphone above her head, Leigh-Anne leaned in and whispered “Anal.”

And it didn’t take long for the other girls to realise what had happen.

Oh well, by the looks of it, Leigh-Anne doesn’t seem too bothered about letting that one slip.

Skip to around the 8.55 mark to watch it.


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