Oops! So Kylie Jenner Broke A Pretty Major Rule At The Met Gala

Anna Wintour won't be happy.

Kylie Jenner Met Gala 2017

The stars lined out for the Met Gala at the New York Metropolitan Musuem Of Art last night and one ‘sleb paying absolutely no heed to Anna Wintour’s no selfie rule was Kylie Jenner.

Wintour imposed the rule in 2015 to help keep the event exclusive, but Kylie and numerous other famous faces crammed into a mirror selfie in the venue’s gender neutral bathrooms.

annual bathroom selfie

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Some peeps reckon the snap is a throwback tribute to Kendall’s bathroom selfie at the event in 2015…

bathroom selfie?

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What’s more, we doubt Kylie has any regrets about flouting the rules as the snap has earned her 1.7 million likes on Instagram.

The only problem? She might not be getting an invite next year. Sorry, Anna.

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