Ouch! Charlotte Crosby Inflicted A Gruesome Penis Injury On Her Boyfriend Stephen Bear

That didn't stop them having sex though.

Charlotte Crosby has never been shy about her sex life, having gotten down and dirty multiple times on MTV’s Geordie Shore. But the star’s latest sexcapade resulted in her boyfriend’s penis being injured. Ouch!

The 27-year-old told The Sun that she and Stephen Bear were on a romantic break when she accidentally split the end of his penis open.

“We were in a spa and talking about oral sex and how it was going to be amazing and use a lot of lube and my nail went right into him and it bled.”

That didn’t stop them having sex though. Charlotte added, “It was all fine in the end and we still got on with things. He’s like Wolverine, he just heals.”

Just because it healed doesn’t mean it wasn’t traumatic. Poor Bear said, “Blood was coming out of my c*ck and I was like ‘F*CK. I said ‘For f*ck sake babe. That nail.”

*Shudders* That whole scenario gives us the heebie jeebies.

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