Ouch! Kim Just Reignited Her Feud With Taylor In The Most Unsubtle Way

Subtle, Kim. Subtle.

Kim Kanye Taylor

Kim has never been one to mince her words, but in her latest beef with Taylor Swift she’s attempted to take ‘the high road’ by throwing some thinly-veiled shade the singer’s way.

Problem is, everyone can see right through it.

In her latest comments, Kim seems to address her and Kanye’s feud with Taylor; an argument that kicked off when Kim shared a video on Snapchat of Tay consenting to those controversial lyrics in Kanye’s track Famous.

Chatting in a newly published video on her website, Kim doled out her advice for dealing with haters, and although she doesn’t mention Taylor by name, it’s pretty obvious who she’s referring to.

Kim and Taylor

“When I feel like someone’s being fake is the time that I’ll, like, say something, and it’s usually really publicly,” Kim explains.

Right then, that’d be the time she exposed Taylor for ‘lying’ to her gazillion Snapchat followers.

And there’s more.

“I personally take the high road most of the time… Like, I just don’t care,” Kim adds. “So, I always think, ‘Will I be affected by this tomorrow? Will I be affected by it in a week? Will I be affected in a month, or in a year? And usually the answer is no.”‘

Totally aimed at Taylor, right? After all, Kim did have that phone call recording stashed away for quite some time before she decided to share it on social media.

Kim doled out one final piece of advice on hitting back at haters. “My tip on clapping back is just do whatever makes you feel good. Like, if you feel like talking sh*t to someone, go for it.”

Yeesh. If this teaches us anything, it’s don’t mess with Kimmy K.


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