Ow! Beyoncé’s Ear Injury Left Her Bleeding On Stage And She Stayed Note Perfect

Nothing fazes this lady.

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Beyoncé has worked hard to maintain her sense of other-worldy mystery over the past couple of years. Yes, she’ll tell us all about her husband Jay-Z’s alleged infidelity through a best-selling visual album, but she won’t give an interview about it. And yes, she’ll post a selection of carefully curated family photos to Instagram, but she does everything she can to keep the papparazzi out of her life.

Once she’s up on stage though, anything could happen, as was proven this weekend when the singer started bleeding during a performance.

While singing at the Barclays Centre in New York as part of a gig for Jay Z’s streaming service Tidal, it appears Bey’s braid got tangled in her earrings, ripping one of them out of her ear. Rather than doing an Adele and laughing about it, the singer went to the other extreme, glancing briefly at the blood and continuing to sing without missing a beat.


“A true performer,” wrote one fan.

Back in 2013, the singer admitted she constantly suffered minor injuries while performing and rehearsing, but had learnt to power on through the pain.

“I’ve fallen quite a few times, so I’ve learnt how to fall. It’s very rare that I’m not bruised in my life. I’m always bruised somewhere – like my legs, my hips,” she told British Vogue.

As for costumes, this isn’t the first time that Bey’s fallen foul of some sharp accessories. “It’s always a ring or something that slices me. But you’ve already started so you’ve just gotta fight through it,” she said at the time.

All hail Queen B.


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