Paige Thorne Was “Devastated” To Give Up Paramedic Job For Love Island

But she has plans to return...


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Most participants are only too glad to give up their day job when entering the Love Island Villa, but this year, one islander was left feeling the complete opposite.

Paige Thorne, who is currently happily coupled up with Adam Collard recently told the Girls Know Nothing podcast of the dilemma she faced when choosing whether or not she should participate in the reality dating show.

“When I did tell work I needed the time off to go in [to the villa], my manager was so supportive and she 100 per cent backed me every step of the way,” she said. But despite having the support of her boss, higher management thought it would reflect badly on the struggling NHS if she took the time off.


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Explaining that she explored every avenue to keep her job, in the end, the Swansea Nativie sadly couldn’t make it work. “I think they were worried that if I went in and it’s like ‘Oh, the NHS is struggling this much and paramedics are struggling this much and you’ve let one have time off to go into Love Island’,” she shared.

“It might have created more bad press and bad backlash that they just didn’t need, which I totally understand. So the only option I had was to resign, which I was devastated about,” she continued.

However, the former Love-Islander hasn’t given up on the prospect of returning to her job, revealing to The Mirror that she absolutely loves what she does.

“I will one thousand per cent go back to being a paramedic. It gives me everything I want from a job. I’m too much of a people’s person to not go back to something like that.” Fair play to ya Paige!


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The 24-year-old also revealed on ITV’s Lorraine, that she even had a meeting to go back to paramedic work, which she is all too “excited” about.

With most islanders trying to secure brand deals after leaving the show, it’s quite refreshing to see Paige remaining down to earth after her recent TV stint.

We hope it works out for her!


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