Paris Hilton Is Launching Her Very Own Podcast

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Paris Hilton is entering the podcasting world. The 39-year-old announced her new partnership with iHeartMedia late last week and is set to take to the mic from February 22nd.

This Is Paris, named after her 2020 YouTube documentary which amassed a whopping 19 million views and counting, will look at the real Paris offering a mix of personal content as well as conversations with her family and celebrity friends.

From “inventing” the selfie to being the tabloids “party girl” for years; creating her own business and growing an empire, Paris has many stories to tell and this new outlet is going to be her place to share.

The podcast will involve long 45 minute shows once a week, as well as “Podposts”, which will be shorter one to three minute episodes recorded in a social media style format to fill in the gaps between big shows.

“I really believe that it is like another form of social media. I do so many things — being a D.J., a businesswoman, a designer and an author — so there will be a lot for me to talk about,” Paris said in an interview with the New York Times.

Late last year, fans were shocked when Paris’ documentary aired showing insights into her life that were unknown to the public until release. The almost two hour special really showcased Paris as her most authentic self, very different to the persona we are presented of the star during her The Simple Life era.

Discovering a real love for podcasting over lockdown, Paris noted herself that with a break in DJing and travel, she has really been able to immerse herself into the medium and now knows what all the hype’s about.

“Usually, I’m traveling 250 days a year and working constantly,” she said. “During this whole year in quarantine, I’ve had more free time than I’ve ever had in my career. So I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts and getting really interested,” she continued.

Roll on February 22, we cannot wait to see what’s in the pipeline with This Is Paris. The podcast will be available in all the places you usually stream your shows.


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And WHILE we’re speaking of podcasts, it’d be madness not mention that our latest episode of The Glow Up dropped on Monday. For this episode we are joined by comedian, podcaster and friend Fionnuala Jay.

From makeup hero products to makeup faux-pas as well as everything to do with reality TV, it’s all in the latest episode!

Listen below, it’s a fun one!

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