Patrick Dempsey Is Now The Proud Owner Of A Michael D Higgins Tea Cosy

There's going to be a demand for these in Hollywood now, just you wait.

Filming for Disney’s Disenchanted has wrapped and actor Patrick Dempsey has left the country. But not empty handed.

Taking home a very special momento for his time here in Ireland, Patrick was gifted with a Michael D Higgins Tea Cosy.

The gift came about as Patrick visited Inis Meáin, the island where an Aran jumper he owns, and felt enamored with, was made. During his time there he became close with the workers of the Aran factory, and so one employee decided to give him a present he won’t ever forget.

Chatting with The Sunday World about Patrick and the time he spent on the Aran Island, Anne Howard, the tea cosy’s creator said:

“He came out and wanted to meet the workers”

“He came out and spent the whole day, he pottered around the factory. He wanted to know what everybody did and what part everybody played and then we all went outside and had all these photographs”

“He chartered a plane and came out on a day trip, he came out in the morning and left around teatime”

Image via Inis Meáin Knitting Company

Describing Patrick’s hilarious reaction to the tea cosy she continued:

“I gave him the tea cosy and I didn’t know if he knew what a tea cosy was. He said, ‘oh I do, I drink tea’ and he had seen the cosies in Wicklow when they had gone for a coffee or whatever. He was delighted with it”

“I explained to Patrick who Michael D was and his interest in the arts and TG4 and so on. He was quite interested”

“He seems very genuine, interested in people, the place and had a genuine sense of awe about the island and the people and craft, a very nice, intelligent, warm guy and very well spoken”

Image via Anne Howard

He certainly sounds, dreamy.

Sadly however, filming for Disenchanted has wrapped and it may be a while before we see Patrick and co back on our shores again.


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