Paul Mescal Joined Forces With The Young Offenders Stars And It’s Such A Treat

If you need us we'll be over here, watching this video on repeat.

Ah lads, the boys.

Paul Mescal is some lad for getting around and meeting fellow famous Irish faces. First we had him with Dermot for that magnificent performance at London’s Natural History Museum and now, we have him teaming up with The Young Offenders actors for a little bit of banter.

Having already know the lads from the hit series based in Cork, the trio met up for a special interview on BBC Three to test how well they really knew each other.

With Paul as the quiz master, he put Alex Murphy and Chris Walley’s friendship to the test to see if they really are as close IRL as their characters on the show.

Sharing some enlightening facts, we learn a little bit more about Paul (although we have creeped all the history we possibly could on him – see more here). But we certainly learned a new thing or two about Alex and Chris who go by the characters Conor and Jock when the cameras are rolling.

You can watch the whole interview below, it’s certainly a tonic for the senses.

Both boys also spoke at Paul’s newfound fame in a recent interview with The Sun, admitting they have plenty of dodgy photos of them from nights out when they starred in a play together before Paul “blew up”, the lads joked that they might even sell the pics to the press for a few quid.

Ah lads, it’s all a little laugh sure isn’t it? But those pics, we wouldn’t mind a little sneak peek.


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