Paul Mescal May Not Have Won An Emmy, But He Won Our Hearts With His Houseplant

From Connell's chain to Paul's houseplant, this man has a way of bringing charm to anything.


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As if we couldn’t love this man any more. Our money was on Paul Mescal to win at the Emmy’s last night, but unfortunately he lost out to another heartthrob Mark Ruffalo.

Nevertheless, fans still got a dose of Paul cuteness as he was filmed at home.

Paul was looking dapper in his Louis Vuitton suit, posing on his stairs before the show and sitting in his house during the Emmy’s live stream. But, it wasn’t Paul all suited and booted that fans were (just) swooning over, it was something that was spotted in the background of his video… a houseplant!

Yes, Paul like many of us, is a parent to a houseplant and we are living for it. Throughout the Emmys, Twitter was going crazy over this revelation, the Aloe Yucca plant, which according to Twitter has been named Henry stole the show last night.

Can you just imagine Paul decorating the little corner pre-Emmys, pulling over the plant for a little character? Love that for him.

Paul’s sister Nell Mescal took to Instagram to share a screenshot of their family video call after the award was announced. The picture is captioned “we still love you” and shows them jokingly calling Paul a loser.

The Normal People actor is also seen to have changed from his tux and sporting a white t-shirt by this time. A man after our own hearts once again, who doesn’t love changing into their cosies after a big night?

You’re always a winner to us, Paul!

Words: Jade Carpenter


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