Paul Mescal Opens Up About Difficulties Of Being Apart From His Family At Christmas

“All I still just really want is to see my grandparents."


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Paul Mescal has opened up about spending his first Christmas away from his family last year as he is shooting for a new movie in Australia.

Speaking with the Daily Telegraph about missing his family, Paul admitted that he’s a big family man, saying:

“All I still just really want is to see my grandparents. This was my first Christmas away from home and had Covid not happened there is no way I would have spent those months anywhere but with my family”

“Because I felt a responsibility to look after them in those circumstances. I wanted to tell them, ‘Look it’s all going to be fine, it’s just a little bit weird”


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A post shared by Paul Mescal (@paul.mescal)

The 24-year-old first flew to Australia in December, where he has since been filming for a new movie adaptation of Carmen. He also admits to turning to his brother when he felt down or lonely being so far away from home, who gave him some tough love back.

“I rang my brother, because I was feeling a little down, and he just said, `Oh will you just be … happy you’re in Sydney!’ And he’s right. Now perspective is my best friend.”

Being happy in Sydney isn’t too difficult Paul admits, as he is able to enjoy the freedoms that come with living in a covid-controlled country. This includes socialising with friends and going to nightclubs, something Paul says was difficult to get used to at first.

“Things had got so institutionalised, but then I got here (Sydney) and couldn’t believe that I actually got to go to a nightclub – it was like an assault on the senses,” he said.

Paul is still in Australia, filming for his latest flick.


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