Paul Mescal Reveals A Fan Almost Fell Off Their Bike After Seeing Him Running Topless In London

I mean, can you blame them?


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We know you’ve seen the pic. We all have. It may even have been your phone background at some point this summer.

At the height of lockdown, the height of Normal People lockdown to be more specific, Paul Mescal was spotted jogging topless in London. It was the most exciting thing to happen in the most boring and uneventful summer we’ve ever had.

The picture which shows a suitably pale Mescal clad in O’Neills GAA shorts, is an homage to all things Irish and we love it.


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In a recent interview with The Sun, the 24 year old shared that a fan spotted him whilst out for this infamous run and got, eh a little over excited. The fan who was cycling along the canal almost fell of their bike with excitement when they spotted him.

Speaking about the incident Paul said; “The worst decision I made after the show was when I was running along the canal. It was too hot and I took my top off. Somebody nearly came over the top of their bike because they were screaming.”

“I would have felt very guilty if they had been injured.”

Tbh, we fully understand this reaction.


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