Penneys Has Launched A Range Of Disney Costumes For Dogs

There’s toys, bowls, and beds too!

There’s only one thing on this planet that’s better than Disney, and that’s dogs. So, when we got wind of a merging of the two, we had to investigate.

We soon discovered that everyone’s favourite brand Penneys has just launched a brand new Disney pet collection, and we want every.single.thing.

The clothing brand has absolutely got it right with their latest collection, which is pet costumes and accessories inspired by Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, The Lion King, and Whinnie The Pooh.

If like us, you treat your pets like literal children, you might want to consider popping into your nearest Penneys. But you’d best warn your bank account about the hit it’s about to take, because the collection is too adorable to miss out on anything.

The collection includes a very cosy ‘Little Green Men’ bed, matching rope toys, sweet little water bowls, and our favourite part – silly little costumes!

Prices start from €5 and go up to €17.

Primark has also released a promo video of the collection, where actual real-life dogs act out Toy Story scenes, all while wearing their costumes ofc.

PRIMARK | Disney for Pets | Toy Story

This is actually the best thing you'll watch today (possibly ever?!) 😍 Two dogs, in Disney outfits, in scenes inspired by Toy Story. It just doesn't get any better! Watch with the sound on for maximum impact 😂 Find the Disney for Pets range in-store now! 🐶

Gepostet von Penneys am Mittwoch, 4. März 2020

Alright Penneys, just take all our money.


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