Penneys Has Loads Of Aristocats Stuff In, If You’re Sick Of Chip

Everybody wants to be a cat...

Chip? Who is Chip? We’re all about The Aristocats now.

After slippers featuring the adorable Marie went down a treat a few months ago, Penneys have expanded the range to include bedsheets (€20) and a cute pillow (€8 – that lil’ tuft of hair!)…

And of course, a mug (€7).

Primark in the UK is getting some other bits in, including a money box, a photo frame, a onesie and jammies, but whether they’ll arrive over here remains to be seen. (Don’t let us down, lads.)

It’s also unclear as of yet if the Marie mug here will stir up the same frenzy as the Chip cup did. For the sake of all our sanity, we hope not…


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