Penneys Will Now Take Back Your Old Clothes Under New Recycling Scheme Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Seriously, how handy is this?!

Penneys has just announced that it will be launching a brand new clothes takeback scheme, rolling out across 36 Irish stores.

The recycling scheme has come about after the shopping giant did some research into consumers’ shopping habits. Their research shows that shoppers are far more likely to recycle their unwanted clothing if they can dispose of it in a shop.

You know those old torn-up vests and socks that you assume are of no good use to anyone? Well, Penneys is more than happy to take them on.

Their research also showed that 51% of us say that we throw away old clothing and footwear when we believe it can’t be reworn.

Hopefully, as the scheme continues to roll out, this can change. Penneys will take any old item of clothing, footwear, bags, and textiles – from those ratty old PJ bottoms to those fake-tan stained bedsheets, you name it they’ll take it. And, the best part is they don’t have to be Penney’s brand either, whatever the label they’re interested.

So what will happen to the clothing afterward then?

Well, Penneys will take all of our unwanted bits and either turn them into something shiny and new, recycle them if there’s no hope, or simply re-use them if they’re in good enough nick.

You will be able to pop your items into collection boxes throughout Penneys stores around the country.

Damien O’Neill, head of sales at Penneys is delighted with the new initiative, saying:

“We’ve recently launched our bold new ambition to become a circular and more sustainable business: making it easier for customers to donate or recycle their pre-loved clothes is an important part of this.”

“We want to help educate our customers and bring them on this journey with this and part of this is understanding what they think today about recycling old clothes.”