People Are Convinced Love Island’s Scott And Catherine Are Together

We'd love to see it!

Image via Instagram, @catherine_agbaje

Ever since the Love Island reunion, rumours have been swirling that ex contestants Catherine and Scott have rekindled their romance.

Their chemistry on the show was undeniable, though their relationship appeared to be affected by outside opinions, alluded to by Catherine at the reunion.

Though the pair remained tight lipped about whether or not a love connection was still on the cards, fans are drawing their own conclusions; especially since the pair were spotted out partying this week!

Alongside being out and about together, people have been pointing to a number of other cute interactions that may suggest the pair are secretly dating. One user shared on Twitter that Scott allegedly saved a TikTok fan edit of them together, while Catherine took to her TikTok live to say that they both send each other any edits that they see. Adorable!

The pair also seem to be suggesting that they wish they hadn’t ever separated on the show, voicing their feelings on social media.

If the rumours are true, it looks like fans will be overjoyed; these two just seem too good together!

We’ll just have to wait and see!