People Are Losing It Over Victoria Beckham’s Latest Instagram Pic

She's sparked controversy with this seemingly innocent snap.

Unless you have some particularly scathing work colleagues it’s unlikely that your daily lunch plate comes under much scrutiny.

Not so for Victoria Beckham.

Unfortunately, she has an eagle-eyed Instagram following of 10.3 million who’ve taken issue with hers.

VB posted a snap of her lunch to her account yesterday while on a shoot. Dressed in a white robe and wearing hotel slippers, she captioned the pic “Lunch time! Eggs on toast and avocado. Exciting shoot today with @ellenvonunwerth.”

But Victoria’s fans had one major gripe. Um, where’s the toast? On her plate you can only see a lemon wedge and an avocado.

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Many were concerned that she was sending out an unhealthy message.

“Can only see a wedge of lemon & avocado there V. Please give some thought to what you’re putting out there. Your PR team should be more mindful of the message this sends to wannabees,” writes one commenter.

“Lunch?” writes another “Geez, that’d be a snack for me.”

But many of Victoria’s followers were quick to defend her.

One eagle-eyed user points out that the toast is sitting on the other side of the room. “But the toasts in the rack?” they write, while another one of Victoria’s followers suggests that maybe she ate the toast before putting the pic up.

Toast? No toast? Whatever way Victoria Beckham chooses to eat her lunch is up to her, but for the record, if we’re having eggs and avocado, we’re definitely scoffing it with a round (or two) of the carby stuff.


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